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The Advanced Automotive Battery Conference
pivotal issues & global networking

Advanced Automotive Batteries, with Dr. Anderman serving as Chairman, organizes the most significant international event in the industry: the Advanced Automotive Battery Conference (AABC). For more than 15 years, the annual AABC has attracted professionals from the hybrid and electric vehicle world and the three tiers of the battery supply chain.

Renowned as a global meeting place, AABC features presentations and discussions that address the key issues affecting the technology and market of advanced vehicles and the batteries that will power them.

In 2010, to keep pace with the rapidly expanding technology and market development, AAB started hosting two conferences per year. This January the fifth AABC Europe was held in Germany and included AABC’s first exploration of the emerging market for stationary batteries in utility applications.  AABC hosted the International AABC in Detroit, Michigan in June 2015.


“This forum remains the most topically relevant to the energy storage electrification area. A must for any company or individual that wants to be informed in this rapid pace industry.”

Joe LoGrasso, General Motors

“I have been to a lot of conferences. This was the best one.”

Jake Welland, Hyundai Motor Company

"AABC has become the must attend battery event of the season. Congratulations to Dr. Anderman and his outstanding team on the success!"

Ted Miller, Ford Motor Company

"Your event is first class in every manner."

Ken Damon, Mobius Power

"The right mix of topics, variation to previous AABCs. Very good insight in research trend and realistic assessment."

Roland Matthé, General Motors



“AABC continues to be the can’t miss event for the automotive and transportation battery industry! And the quality of pariticpants - one of the best collections ever.”

J.J. Livingstone, A123 Systems

"AABC is unique among conferences; it is both highly professional and personal.”

Martin Winter, Muenster University  

"The outstanding networking possibilities ranking from technical experts to decision makers is unique to AABC."

Uwe Wiedemann, AVL List

"May be the best conference I’ve been to!"

Gerald Wing, Mitsubishi Motors R&D America  

"By far, the best and most comprehensive conference on battery development."

Stefano DeBruyne, SQM

"One of the very best AABC Conferences!"

Ben Knight, Honda