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LLIBTA Symposium
Large Lithium Ion Battery Technology and Application
Tuesday, January 25 to Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Advanced Automotive Battery Conferences

AABC 2011 - LLIBTA Symposiums

Panel Sessions

Session 1
Advances in Lithium-Ion Battery Materials

Session 2
Verification of Safety, Life, and Reliability of Automotive Lithium-Ion Batteries

Session 3
Large Lithium-Ion Batteries in Stationary and Specialty Applications


Session 3:
Large Lithium-Ion Batteries in Stationary and Specialty Applications

High-power, power, high-energy Lithium-Ion batteries are being installed into professional power tools, robots, Light Electric Vehicles (LEV) , UPS systems, and various military applications, and are evaluated in numerous utility applications. In this session we will review this technology’s commercial progress, how it impacts the high-volume automotive market, and the technological and commercial challenges it faces as it advances to capture a larger share of the specialty, LEV, military, and stationary battery markets.

Martin WinterChairman:
Haresh Kamath,
Senior Project, Power Delivery and Utilization, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

Mr. Kamath joined EPRI PEAC in 2002. He was an author for the DOE-EPRI Handbook of Energy Storage and serves on the board of directors of the Electricity Storage Association. He currently manages a program investigating advanced materials technologies for grid transformation. He is also a Senior Project Manager in the Power Delivery and Utilization (PDU) Sector, where his current research activities focus on the development, assessment, and application of energy-storage technologies for both transportation and grid storage applications.

  1. Advanced Batteries in Utility Applications
    Haresh Kamath, Strategic Program Manager of Technology Innovation Program, EPRI
  2. 110 Million Electric Powered Two Wheelers In Use Today; Future Market of 130 Million Per Year
    Ed Benjamin, Managing Director, Benjamin Consulting Services, LLC
  3. Energy Storage Challenges for Heavy-Duty Applications
    John Votoupal, Research Specialist, Advanced Power Sources, Product Development & Global Technology, Caterpillar, Inc.
  4. GS Yuasa Large Format Li-Ion Battery Systems for Aerospace, Defense and Industrial Applications
    Curtis Aldrich, Manager Sales & Marketing, GS Yuasa Lithium Power
  5. From Power Tools to Electric Vehicles, the Development of Li-Ion Cells for Emerging Applications
    Paul Craig, Director of Technology, E-One Moli Energy, Ltd.