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Monday, February 3 and Wednesday, February 5, 2014



Tutorial B:

EC Capacitor Storage System Engineering


John R. Miller
Presented by:
John R. Miller, President, JME, Inc.


Dr. John R. Miller is President of JME, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in ultracapacitor development, testing, and application. John is a well-known expert in ultracapacitor technology with 25 years of experience in the industry. In the past five years, prior to joining the AABC team, he has chaired the Advanced Capacitor World Summit.


  • General Properties and Performance of Electrochemical Capacitors
  • Storage System Design – Electrical Performance
    • Power Profile
    • Operating Voltage Window
    • Equivalent Circuit Models
    • System Sizing
  • Storage System Design – Life Performance
    • Maximum Operating Voltage
    • Reliability Requirements
    • Capacitor Product Specifications
    • Cell Voltage/temperature Selection
    • Mechanical Considerations
  • Storage System Design – Thermal Management
    • Design Operating Temperature
    • Heat Generation Rate
    • Thermal Time Constant
    • Cooling Power Requirements
    • Product Selection
  • End of Life
    • Normal Failure Modes
    • Abnormal Failures
    • Practical Considerations
  • Engineering Examples
    • Dc Application
    • Cyclic Application
    • Storage Technology Combinations
  • Practical Issues
  • Cost Issues