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AABC Asia 2014. Tutorial C: Lithium-Ion Cell Design and Manufacturing


Tutorial C:

Lithium-Ion Cell Design and Manufacturing


Kazunori Ozawa
Presented by:
Kazunori Ozawa, Li Ion Cell Design and Manufacturing Consultant


Dr. Ozawa is known in the industry since his role as the project leader for Sony Li Ion cell team that pioneered the commercialization of Li Ion batteries in the early nineties. Dr. Ozawa worked at Sony from 1967 to 1996, covering the development of ceramic materials, magnetic films, and batteries.
In 1996 Dr. Ozawa founded ENAX, Inc. a developer of Li Ion cells and production technology, and served as its president and CEO until 2013.
Editor of the book: ‘Lithium Ion Rechargeable Batteries’ and recipient of the 2006 IBA Technology Award and prior US and Japanese ECS awards, Dr. Ozawa obtained an MS degree In Metallurgy from the University of Pennsylvania and a Doctorate of Engineering from Tohoku University.


  • Lithium-Ion Cell Engineering Fundamentals
    • Mixing
    • Coating
    • Pressing
    • Slitting
  • Cell Design: Comparison of cylindrical, prismatic and laminated cells
  • Battery Pack & One of the Applications