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AABTAM Symposium
Advanced Automotive Battery Technology, Application and Market
Wednesday, June 8 to Friday, June 10, 2011

Advanced Automotive Battery Conferences

AABC Europe 2011 – AABTAM Symposium

Session 2:
Energy-Storage Solutions for Micro-Hybrids

With the recent introduction of micro-hybrids as a standard design in several European models, the momentum to expand commercialization of these vehicles in Europe is intensifying. Micro-hybrids are intended to provide the same benefits (or almost the same) that the developers of the 42V vehicles of the late 1990s intended to offer, but at a lower cost. In this session, automakers will present vehicle development and energy-storage requirements for micro-hybrids, and energy-storage developers will present the latest achievements in meeting the requirements of micro-hybrid architectures.


Eckhard Karden
Eckhard Karden, Technical Expert, Ford Research Aachen


Dr. Karden is Technical Expert for Battery & Energy Storage Technology at Ford's Corporate Research and Advanced Engineering Centre in Aachen, Germany. Since he joined Ford, he was responsible for numerous projects in the fields of powertrain electrification, battery modeling and monitoring, and storage technology assessment, with a main focus on micro-hybridization in 14V systems.

  1. Micro-hybrid Goes Mainstream: Battery Selection and Trends
    Eckhard Karden, Technical Expert, Ford Aachen
  2. Challenges for Lead Acid Batteries in Future Automotive Applications
    Michael Hallmannsegger, Group Research and Technology, BMW
  3. Start/Stop Applications and their Influence on Energy Storage
    Rainer Knorr, Coordinator Start / Stop systems,Powertrain Division, Continental Automotive
  4. Flooded Type ISS Battery with Improved High Dynamic Charge Acceptance
    Masanori Sakai, General Manager, Shin-Kobe Electric Machinery
  5. Improved Lead-Acid Batteries for Micro-Hybrid Applications
    Francisco Trinidad, Research Director, Exide Technologies
  6. Further Demonstration of the Flooded-type UltraBattery under Micro-HEV Duty
    Jun Furukawa, General Manager, Furukawa Battery Co.
  7. Two-Battery System with Lithium Battery for the 12-V Powernet of a Vehicle
    Ulrich Eger, Advanced Concept Engineering, Porsche AG