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AABTAM Symposium
Advanced Automotive Battery Technology, Application and Market
Wednesday, June 8 to Friday, June 10, 2011

Advanced Automotive Battery Conferences

AABC Europe 2011 – AABTAM Symposium

Session 4:
Battery Technology for EVs and PHEVs

Lithium Ion is the predominant battery technology to power the emerging plug-in hybrids and all electric vehicles. However, cell chemistry, cell design, and pack design vary significantly from one developer to another. In this session, battery developers will present design and performance data from their EV and PHEV offerings and discuss the chosen designs.


Peter Lamp
Peter Lamp, Manager Cell Technology Electrical Storage Systems, BMW AG


Dr. Lamp has been working at BMW AG Since 2001 and is currently responsible for cell development for electrical storage systems, in particular Li-Ion technology. He holds a PhD in physics and has 20 years of experience in research institutes as well as in the industry in basic and applied research, with focus on energy conversion and storage.

  1. The Battery System of the Opel Ampera - High Performance Demonstrated to Meet European Requirements
    Manfred Herrmann, Leader of Battery Technology Development, Adam Opel AG
  2. Challenges to the Design of Li-Ion Batteries for Vehicle Integration 
    Alfred Jeckel, Manager HV Component Integration, Daimler AG
  3. Battery Packs for PHEVs - Optimal Design to Achieve Electrical Range and Life Performance
    Peter Pichler, Product Manager Battery Systems, Magna E-Car Systems
  4. Life and Relability of Li-Ion Nanophosphate Automotive Pouch Cells and Batteries
    Mujeeb Ijaz, Vice President, Cell Product Development, A123 Systems
  5. Safety of Lithium-Ion Batteries for Automotive Applications
    Alexander Reitzle, Environmental & Abuse Testing, SB LiMotive
  6. Lishen's Advanced Battery Development for EVs
    Jae-woong Kim, Vice President, Pack Technology, R&D Center, Tianjin Lishen Battery