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ECCAP Symposium
Large EC Capacitor Technology and Application
Tuesday, June 7 to Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Advanced Automotive Battery Conferences

AABC Europe 2011 – ECCAP Symposium

Session 1:
Advances in EC Capacitor Materials and Cell Design

To enhance the value proposition of EC Capacitors by boosting cell performance, improvements in electrode capacity, power performance, electrolyte properties, electrode technology, and cell design are desired. In this session, we review the latest advances in materials, including the development of low-cost materials and processes to meet the pricing threshold of most markets, and in cell designs, including development of advanced asymmetric ECs.


Rüdiger Kötz
Rüdiger Kötz, Head of Capacitor Interface Group, Electrochemistry Laboratory, Paul Scherrer Institute


After postdoctoral years at the Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio and at the Fritz Haber Institut der Max Planck Gesellschaft in Berlin, Dr. Kötz joined the ABB Corporate Research Centre in Baden, Switzerland in 1982. Since 1989 he has been leading the capacitor and interface analysis group of the Electrochemistry Laboratory at Paul Scherrer Insitut (PSI) in Switzerland. Throughout his career his research continued to aim at the characterization of the solid electrolyte interphase, the understanding of electro-active materials and the extrapolation of electrochemical processes to application.

  1. How to Increase Specific Energy of Electrochemical Capacitors
    Rüdiger Kötz, Professor, Group Leader Capacitors, Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland
  2. Advanced Carbons for Electrochemical Capacitors
    Yury Gogotsi, Professor, Department of Materials Engineering, Drexel University
  3. Microporous Carbons for Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitors
    Patrice Simon, Professor, Université Paul Sabatier, France
  4. Electrochemical Activation of Soft Carbons for Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitors
    Masayuki Morita, Professor, Yamaguchi University, Japan
  5. Activated Carbon Spheres Prepared from Hydrothermal Synthesis of Biomass Waste
    Stephen Lipka, Research Scientist, University of Kentucky
  6. Recent Advances in Li-Ion-Based Hybrid Capacitors
    Katsuhiko Naoi, Professor, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan
  7. Recent Advances in Aqueous Symmetric and Asymmetric Electrochemical Capacitors
    François Béguin, Professor, CNRS University, Orléans, France