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ECCAP Symposium
Large EC Capacitor Technology and Application
Tuesday, June 7 to Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Advanced Automotive Battery Conferences

AABC Europe 2011 – ECCAP Symposium

Session 2:
New EC Capacitor Products and Business Development

In this session we review new capacitor products and EC business development. Leaders from key companies will discuss future products and business strategies as they expand their product offerings to support growth of energy-efficient industrial, utility, and transportation-related energy storage systems.


John R. Miller
John R. Miller, President, JME, Inc.


Dr. Miller is President of JME, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in ultracapacitor development, testing, and application. John is a well-known expert in ultracapacitor technology with 25 years of experience in the industry. In the past five years, prior to joining the AABC team, he has chaired the Advanced Capacitor World Summit.

  1. Ultracapacitors in Automobiles - Reality has Arrived
    Michael Liedtke, VP Business Development, Market Intelligence & Strategic Planning, Maxwell Technologies
  2. ELTON’s capacitor modules as components in the electric drive of a hybrid city transit bus
    Anton Varakin, Chief Designer, ESMA/ELTON, Russia
  3. Nanoporous Nickel Hydroxide SuperCapacitor Performance
    Gilles Champagne, Chief Technology Officer, Nanotecture, Southampton, UK
  4. Lithium-Ion Capacitors - Performance Strengths, Limitations, and Future Directions
    Patricia Smith, Group Leader, Electrochemical Power Sources R&D Group, NAVSEA-Carderock Division
  5. Ioxus Hybrid Capacitor and Potential Automotive Applications
    Chad Hall, Chief Operating Officer, Ioxus
  6. Energy Storage in High Power-to-Energy Applications: Value Comparison between Ultracapacitor and Li-Ion Systems
    Phillip Bell, Manager of Business Development, Corning, Inc.
  7. Recent Test Data for New Prototype Electrochemical Capacitors and their Optimum Application in Hybrid-Electric Vehicles
    Andrew Burke, University of California Davis