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AABTAM Symposium
Advanced Automotive Battery Technology, Application and Market
Wednesday, June 26 to Friday June 28, 2013

AABC Europe 2013 - AABTAM Symposium: Advanced Automotive Battery Technology, Application and Market - Session 3

Session 3:

Li Ion Battery Technology for HEVs and PHEVs

Major automakers as well as Li-Ion cell and pack developers discussed various cell and pack designs and performance for each of the xEV architectures, focusing on life, safety, and cost-performance trade-offs.

Arnold Lamm

Session Chairman:

Arnold Lamm, Head, High Voltage Battery Systems, Daimler AG

Dr. Lamm studied mechanical and chemical engineering at the Rhine-Westphalia Technical University (RWTH), Aachen. He obtained his PhD from the Jülich GmbH research center, and joined Daimler AG (former Daimler-Ben) in1995. Since then he has worked in different positions as senior manager for “Fuel Cell Stack and System Technology”, “Energy Storages” (Hydrogen tank, High-Voltage-Batteries) and “Fuel Cell Drivetrain”. In April 2009 Dr. Lamm became member of the board of German ACCUmotive at Nabern, and has been responsible for the development of Li-Ion batteries (Hybrid, EV, Plug-in). In December 2010 Dr. Lamm took over a new department at Daimler AG: “Characterization of HV Battery Systems“. He is member of the AG2 in the National Platform Electro Mobility in Germany.

  1. Battery Choices for PHEV Applications
    Dr. Arnold Lamm, Head, High Voltage Battery Systems, Daimler AG
  2. Technology for Automotive Cells
    Dr. Kiho Kim, Vice President, Samsung SDI
  3. 48V Li-Ion Automotive Battery System - Requirements and Design Criteria
    Holger Lüdtke, Chief Technical Officer, SK Continental E-motion Germany GmbH
  4. A123 Battery Life Simulation and Validation Test Results
    Jeff Kessen, Director, Automotive Marketing, A123 Systems
  5. Li-Ion Technology Evolution for xEVs: How far and how fast?
    Dr. Menahem Anderman, President, Advanced Automotive Batteries